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It's All So Hollywood
Interesting things being done by interesting folks in and around Hollywood.

Sanjay Parekh

Feather & Dot Recorded with the Gypsy tribe of Rajasthan India, Sanjay’s newest collaboration takes you on a sonic journey of primal beats and soaring vocals. The unique, electronic rhythms of this ancient mantra are an ideal way to elevate your yoga practice. Go Om 

Dan Halperin

Producer Dan Halperin gets excited when he describes the beauty, empowerment and rockabilly flavor of the pinup scene. Bombshells and Dollies is his documentary in progress about modern day pinup girls and the culture that surrounds them. IndieGoGo go

David Francis

Wedding Bush Road is a novel about a young LA lawyer called back to his family's farm in rural Australia when he learns of his mother’s ailing health. There, he encounters a complex struggle between past and present, town and country, and secrets that haunt them all. Inside the Outback


Dan Hubp

How an Atomic Fart Saved the World is an innovative E-book by H8 Society. It's written by the 2Dans, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and soundtracked with 26 songs from indie music acts from 9 different countries. Enjoyed over 700,000 immediate BitTorrent downloads upon initial release. According to Dan, that's a pretty big fart. Get your H8 on


Extracurricular Press is the independent publishing arm of Designer Brian Scott (Boon). Here, he creates limited edition materials for the culturally curious. The "How To Write An Email" book is useful for anyone looking to improve their work communications. Thrive – Don't just survive


Clif Lord

Doobious Sources is the story of two weed loving freelance video journalists targeted for revenge by a subject they slandered in a past exposé. It's a fresh stoner comedy and ideal film choice for your next movie night party with your buds. Get fired up