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Niklas Lommel

PhatCruzer allows you to transport yourself faster, cheaper and with the kind of hip-city styled fun you've always craved. Around town, to the beach, at work – now you can minimize your carbon footprint while going anywhere your heart desires. Niklas, the cat behind the Phat, comes from a long line of Engineering innovators. With his new lithium battery powered machine, all you have to do is hop on, pull the throttle and go. Time to get Phat

David Stansfield

Islam vs ISIS quotes Koranic chapter and verse (In both Arabic and English) to show how ISIS 'punishments' are in direct contradiction to the Holy Book. It's an important, easy read, chock full of images and illustrations. David, the author, is a life-long scholar and was recently the Arabic Consultant on Netflix's "House of Cards."  What are they thinking


Jeremy Williamz

Heavyweight fighter Jeremy Williamz was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame, class of 2016. A few years ago, Jeremy chronicled the mental and physical preparation of his comeback championship fight. Congratulations big fella. Relive the Countdown


Kid Porcelain

World Toilet Day is always on November 19. It's a day to call attention to the need for better sanitation around the globe. Here, with the help of the troubled life of Lindsay Lohan, off-color comments by Donald Trump, a powerful song and dedication to the United Nation’s efforts, you'll see just that. Go Wild

Peter Bahlawanian

Spice Station is a gourmet spice shop in Silverlake, CA. They offer hundreds of spices, herbs, chiles, salts and blends, as well as over 70 teas from around the world. On the weekends, Pete hosts events with celebrity chefs and mixologists for cooking demos, spice classes, bar tending and foodie inspired gatherings. Spice it up

Roni Stetter

Righteous Relations develops Content, Strategy and PR for Brands in the cannabis space. In this new Wild West, Roni's found her groove adding tactical experience and behavioral analysis to an emerging marketplace desperate for clear articulation. Get better with Stetter

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Michael Griffiths

Referral Guru Michael Griffiths teaches individuals how to get more activity from the business and social worlds they already operate in. His Partnership Club referral network gathers every other month in L.A. Greet the Meet

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