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It's All So Hollywood
Interesting things being done by interesting folks in and around Hollywood.

Nick Nassiri

BNO BNO is the world’s first live streaming Online marketplace with auctions in real-time, showcasing entertaining interaction between the auctioneer, seller and buyer in the categories of art and collectibles, automobiles, real estate and charities. For Nick, a seasoned entrepreneur, it’s a chance to design the process he has long been a fan of. Bid now Online

Johnny Zander

Grandpa Johnson's was a Hollywood cocktail lounge that put a modern twist on the glamorous 1940's style. Unfortunately, the bar is now closed. But it probably won't be the last time 1/2 the inspiration behind 'Zoolander" will have a good idea before its time. Au revoir Grandpa

Vahid Bashash

Rose Furniture & Upholstery was right around the corner and the natural place to take the piece found living among the elements, locked behind a fence. While choosing a new fabric, enthusiastically told Vahid the story of finally finding the gatekeeper 9 months later. He laughed, then praised the idea of giving something no-one wanted New life


Amanda Kramer

Bark is a short film by YM novelist turned Director Amanda Kramer. It stars Gina Piersanti and Lucia Santina Ribisi. The trailer feels like a nice introductory slice of interesting things to come. Krame on

Matt Lessall

Casting Society of America (CSA) is a resource for Producers, Directors and creative teams seeking professional assistance. As the new President, Matt is charged with tailoring the group's offerings and elevating the image of Casting Directors in the Entertainment industry. Matt has been Director of Feature Film Casting at 20th Century Fox, as well as an in-house Consultant at Paramount Pictures Television Studios. His independent casting work has been featured at Cannes, Sundance, SXSW and more. Hit the Matt