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Banjo's Hollywood
Interesting things being done by interesting folks in and around Hollywood.

Danny Minnick

Professional skateboarder Danny Minnick was never the kind of guy who could sit still. So after a nasty injury forced him to change things up, he began to channel his creative energy into painting. Collectors are sparking to his street version of abstract expressionism and how it concentrates on emotions stranded in an active moment of time. Stay up to the Minnick

Tim Ricker

Stageme is a fresh, new competition platform that connects all types of Performers (Dancers, Musicians, Rappers, Skateboarders, BMX’ers, Slackliners, etc.) with their global communities and allows them be discovered for their talents. For Tim, it’s the perfect combination of his two passions: creative technology and electronic music. The Stage is set

Amanda Kramer

Bark is a short film by YM novelist turned Director Amanda Kramer. It stars Gina Piersanti and Lucia Santina Ribisi. The trailer feels like a nice introductory slice of interesting things to come. Krame on

Johnny Zander

Grandpa Johnson's was a Hollywood cocktail lounge that put a modern twist on the glamorous 1940's style. Unfortunately for Johnny, the bar is now closed. But it probably won't be the last time 1/2 the inspiration behind 'Zoolander" will have a good idea before its time. Au revoir Grandpa

Roni Stetter

Righteous Relations develops Content, Strategy and PR for Brands in the cannabis space. In this new Wild West, Roni's found her groove adding tactical experience and behavioral analysis to an emerging marketplace desperate for clear articulation. Get better with Stetter

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Andrew McGregor

LA Chess Boxing A 3-minute round of chess is followed by one 3-minute round of boxing and then back to the same chess game against the same opponent. Whoever wins by either checkmate or in the ring first WINS! As with many of Andrew's endeavors, event proceeds are donated to local charities. Pawny up

Gabby Ferguson

ThexStitchxBitch In her life-long search for hilarity, Gabby attempts to finance a puppy mansion one vulgar stitch at a time. BitchxBitchxBitch

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