So Hollywood
People doing things

Ryan Reichenfeld


A short film by Director Ryan Reichenfeld about a teen living in the spring break, meth town of Lake Havasu, Arizona. An honest, gritty, inside look. Behind the party



Dawn Anderson

Fresh Online presence

Actress Dawn Anderson's new Web site showcases her work and nicely illustrates the light-hearted blend of her Korean and Scandinavian descent, along with her dark and corny sense of humor. Meet the Dawn


Ronnie Ward

Griff Entertainment

Griff Entertainment brings together visionaries with brands and brands with audiences. They provide technology, marketing and management experience to help cannabis themed creators monetize their Content. For Ronnie, it's an exciting new beginning after spending decades as Merv Griffin's right hand man. Get with the program

Chris Kelly

Topanga Creek Outpost

More of a bike retreat than just a store. Chris Kelly has successfully combined a world of top-end equipment with a let's get outta here and go for a ride life-style. It's been years since Chris moved from the streets of Hollywood to the creek of Topanga, but the change certainly seems to agree with him. In 2015, The California Small Business Bureau named his operation California Small Businesses of the Year. Ride on man