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It's All So Hollywood
Interesting things being done by interesting folks in and around Hollywood.

Andrew McGregor

LA Chess Boxing A 3-minute round of chess is followed by one 3-minute round of boxing and then back to the same chess game against the same opponent. Whoever wins by either checkmate or in the ring first WINS! As with many of Andrew's endeavors, event proceeds are donated to local charities. Pawny up

Tim Ricker

Stageme is a fresh, new competition platform that connects all types of Performers (Dancers, Musicians, Rappers, Skateboarders, BMX’ers, Slackliners, etc.) with their global communities and allows them be discovered for their talents. For Tim, it’s the perfect combination of his two passions: creative technology and electronic music. The Stage is set

Michael Griffiths

Referral Guru Michael Griffiths teaches individuals how to get more activity from the business and social worlds they already operate in. His Partnership Club referral network gathers every other month in LA. Greet the Meet

Kwang Uh

Baroo is the bowl Buddhist monks eat their meals from for life. It's also the name of Uh's delicious, affordable, unassuming restaurant that serves fermented food with respect & love for nature and people. You're meant to ferment

Nick Nassiri

BNO BNO is the world’s first live streaming Online marketplace with auctions in real-time, showcasing entertaining interaction between the auctioneer, seller and buyer in the categories of art and collectibles, automobiles, real estate and charities. For Nick, a seasoned entrepreneur, it’s a chance to design the process he has long been a fan of. Bid now Online

Sanjay Parekh

Feather & Dot Recorded with the Gypsy tribe of Rajasthan India, Sanjay’s newest collaboration takes you on a sonic journey of primal beats and soaring vocals. The unique, electronic rhythms of this ancient mantra are an ideal way to elevate your yoga practice. Go Om