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Amanda Kramer


Bark is a short film by YM novelist turned Director Amanda Kramer. It stars Gina Piersanti and Lucia Santina Ribisi. The trailer feels like a nice introductory slice of interesting things to come. Ruff

Andrew McGregor

LA Chess Boxing

A 3-minute round of chess is followed by one 3-minute round of boxing and then back to the same chess game against the same opponent. Whoever wins by either checkmate or in the ring first WINS! As with many of Andrew's endeavors, event proceeds are donated to local charities. Pawney up


Extracurricular Press

Independent publishing arm of Designer Brian Scott. Here, Boon creates limited edition materials for the culturally curious. "How to be a boss" is useful for anyone looking to improve their people and process skills. Steer clear

Chad Rea

Bionic Arm

Chad takes the lead on a purpose-driven content studio that connects cultural influencers with meaningful brands. It is the latest of many brainchilds from Chad Rea – a long-time, cutting edge marketing communicator. Here, in one of Bionic Arm's videos, renown Designer Stefan Sagmeister discusses the BS of storytelling. Participate


Charlene Matthews

The Bindery

Artist Charlene Matthew's Bindery makes beautiful custom art books and specialty boxes for individuals, corporations and film projects. Her own artistry is also awe-inspiring. She once hand-transcribed the 265,000 words of James Joyce's 1921 novel Ulysses on 38 poles for an installation. It took over two years to complete. Book it

Chris Kelly

Topanga Creek Outpost

More of a bike retreat than just a store. Chris Kelly has successfully combined a world of top-end equipment with a let's get outta here and go for a ride life-style. It's been years since Chris moved from the streets of Hollywood to the creek of Topanga, but the change certainly seems to agree with him. In 2015, The California Small Business Bureau named his operation California Small Businesses of the Year. Ride on man


Clif Lord

Doobious Sources

Clif's tale of two weed loving journalists targeted for revenge is a fresh stoner adventure and ideal movie party party movie. Spark it up


Dan Hubp

How an Atomic Fart Saved the World

An innovative E-book by H8 Society, written by the 2Dans, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and soundtracked with 26 songs from indie music acts from 9 different countries. Enjoyed over 700,000 immediate BitTorrent downloads upon initial release. According to Dan, that's a pretty big far. Get your H8 on


Danny Minnick

Abstract street expressionism

After a nasty injury forced Professional skateboarder Danny Minnick to change things up, he began to channel his creative energy into painting. Collectors are now sparking to his abstract street expressionism. Stay up to the Minnick


Dawn Anderson

Fresh Online presence

Actress Dawn Anderson's new Web site showcases her work and nicely illustrates the light-hearted blend of her Korean and Scandinavian descent, along with her dark and corny sense of humor. Meet the Dawn

Emily Balliet

Literary Queen

She love love loves her books and sharing her impassioned thoughts and feelings about them. Watch the read

Holland MacFallister

Scooter Ambassador

Actor, Comic and Scooter Enthusiast Holland MacFallister is the new U.S. Brand Ambassador for Yedoo Scooters. For anyone in Hollywood who's ever seen that guy go by on that thing, you'll agree: this is a perfect match. Get your kicks

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Jenna Hipp

Nailing Hollywood

Leading the world of clean and green is celebrity stylist Jenna Hipp. Her nail and beauty products are as artistic and fun as they are environmentally friendly. Get Hipp


Johnny Zander

Grandpa Johnson's

Hollywood cocktail lounge that put a modern twist on the glamorous 1940's style. Unfortunately, the bar is now closed but it probably won't be the last time 1/2 the inspiration behind 'Zoolander" will have a good idea before its time. Au revoir Grandpa

Julia Kim


invAsianLA is Hollywood Prep and Diversity Consulting. It was initially established to help Asians get started as Actors in Hollywood, but Julia's recent experiences now provide her an even wider POV on the ethnic and LGBT diversity issues facing the entertainment industry. Below are excerpts from a recent interviews about the turning the talk of diversity into real action on-screen. The first step is prep

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Krista Whitley

Social Media Unicorn

Unique ideas and a customized approach to help cannabis brands cut through the smoke. On 4/20, Krista and her team assembled industry players (Growers, dispensaries, labs, smoke shops, legislators, etc.) for Nevada's first cannabis industry mixer. Here, Krista's crew shows their Pride. Good buds and good buds. Be blunt

Kwang Uh


A baroo is the bowl Buddhist monks use to eat their meals from for life. It's also the name of Kwang Uh's delicious, affordable, unassuming restaurant that serves fermented food with respect & love for nature and people. Eat up


Matt Lessall


Casting Society of America (CSA) is a resource for Producers, Directors and creative teams seeking professional assistance. As the new President, Matt is charged with tailoring the group's offerings and elevating the image of Casting Directors in the Entertainment industry. Matt has been Director of Feature Film Casting at 20th Century Fox, as well as an in-house Consultant at Paramount Pictures Television Studios. His independent casting work has been featured at Cannes, Sundance, SXSW and more. Hit the Matt

Megan Mitchell

Chef & Host

In Detroit, Megan takes tours and samples liquors. She then gathers spare ribs, fresh corn and other Midwestern bounty to create a unique dinner, whiskey pairing. Get a taste


Natalie Avital

Three Hikers

Natalie's film about three Americans who went hiking in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan and were captured / held as political hostages by the Iranian Government for more than two years. For Natalie, a first time Documentarian, telling the story also proved to be quite an adventure.


Nino Alicea

Got Framed

Got Framed was an inviting, playful, interactive art installation that promotes community participation by encouraging passersby to be the art. Leave it to Nino Alicea – his piece was widely considered one of the twenty most incredible works of Burning Man art ever made. But he was just getting started. Múcaro


Robert Cait

Kosher comedy

Robert was recently invited to sit in the writer's room of The Howard Stern Show. The Chosen One killed it. L'chaim


Ronnie Ward

Griff Entertainment

Griff Entertainment brings together visionaries with brands and brands with audiences. They provide technology, marketing and management experience to help cannabis themed creators monetize their Content. For Ronnie, it's an exciting new beginning after spending decades as Merv Griffin's right hand man. Get with the program

Ryan Reichenfeld


A short film by Director Ryan Reichenfeld about a teen living in the spring break, meth town of Lake Havasu, Arizona. An honest, gritty, inside look. Behind the party

Ryan Workman


Musician Ryan Workman spent years playing in bands and working in motorcycle shops around LA. Now, he makes his music while spending his days helping clients have the greatest tattoo experience possible at Kat Von D's High Voltage. Man at work


Sanjay Parekh

Feather & Dot

Sanjay’s newest collaboration takes you on a sonic journey of primal beats and soaring vocals. Recorded with the Gypsy tribe of Rajasthan India, the electronic rhythms and ancient mantra are an ideal way to elevate your yoga practice. Go Om


Serena Wolf

Wolf Creative

When it comes to career change, it's not just who you know, but who they know and how well who you know knows you. Serena's Wolf Creative provides the kind of national advertising and marketing recruitment that helps put those puzzles together. Cry Wolf

Steven Adams

Manager & Producer

Steven has a talented array of authors, actors, financiers and post production companies in his orbit. He is a Partner and Head of Management for Buffalo 8. Below, Steven speaks on set about the magical happenstance of actually getting a project off the ground. Tour Buffalo


Taryn Southern

Taryn TV

Taryn Southern is a musical comedian, actress, television host, video blogger, VR/AR enthusiast and star of Taryn TV. She's one of the early pioneers of digital media and is nicely on the inside of what's next. Here she discusses freezing her eggs. Tune in


Tim Ricker

Stage Me

Stageme is a fresh, new competition platform that connects all types of Performers (Dancers, Musicians, Rappers, Skateboarders, BMX’ers, Slackliners, etc.) with their global communities and allows them be discovered for their talents. For Tim, it’s the perfect combination of his two passions: creative technology and electronic music. The Stage is set


Vahid Bashash

Rose Furniture & Upholstery

Old-world craftsmanship and a nice selection of fabrics gave new life to a battered stool found in an driveway behind a locked fence. Take a seat


Himalayas Studio

Yeti is a paranormal Producing phenomenon. Last year, his back-alley Himalayas Studio was the creative hub for a Best Raggae Album and Best Rap Song Grammy nominees. This year, it's new big things from Doja Cat and more. Hit play