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Joe Resnick

A writer's writer Joe Resnick is the type of talented, unsung hero that represents the true spirit of Tasty Nuggets. He passed away recently, but an article by L.A. Times Reporter Bill Plaschke beautifully touches on his life and career. It is both sobering and uplififting and very much a recommended read. Below, Joe is surrounded with his Baseball Writers of America pals who presented him the Bob Hunter Award at his bedside. Bill on Joe


Kid Porcelain

World Toilet Day is always on November 19. It's a day to call attention to the need for better sanitation around the globe. Here, with the help of the troubled life of Lindsay Lohan, off-color comments by Donald Trump, a powerful song and dedication to the United Nation’s efforts, you'll see just that. Go Wild

Holland MacFallister

New U.S. Brand Ambassador for Yedoo Scooters: Actor, Comic and Scooter Enthusiast Holland MacFallister. For anyone in Hollywood who's ever seen that guy go by on that thing, you'll agree: this is a perfect match. His Excellency


Sanjay Parekh

Feather & Dot make electronic mantra music that blends rock with ambient psychedelia. Sanjay and his boy Hargo combine their enthusiasm for minimal electronic and classical Indian music to create this new kind of groovy, emotional, danceable mantra. Go Om

Charlene Matthews

Artist Charlene Matthews Bindery makes beautiful custom art books and specialty boxes for individuals, corporations and film projects. Her own artistry is also awe-inspiring. She once hand-transcribed the 265,000 words of James Joyce's 1921 novel Ulysses on 38 poles for an installation. It took over two years to complete. Book it


Andrew McGregor

LA Chess Boxing A 3-minute round of chess is followed by one 3-minute round of boxing and then back to the same chess game against the same opponent. Whoever wins by either checkmate or in the ring first WINS! As with many of Andrew's endeavors, event proceeds are donated to local charities. Pawny up

Megan Mitchell

Chef & Personality Megan Mitchell brings her recipe A-game and that infectious smile as she serves up a new series of easy to follow recipes. Eat it up

Steven Adams

Manager & Producer with a talented array of authors, actors, financiers and post production companies to his credit. He is a Partner and Head of Management for Buffalo 8. Below, Steven speaks on set about the magical happenstance of actually getting a project off the ground. Tour Buffalo  

Dan Hubp

How an Atomic Fart Saved the World is an innovative E-book by H8 Society. It's written by the 2Dans, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and soundtracked with 26 songs from indie music acts from 9 different countries. Enjoyed over 700,000 immediate BitTorrent downloads upon initial release. According to Dan, that's a pretty big fart. Get your H8 on

Jenna Hipp

Nailing Hollywood is a world of clean and green from celebrity stylist Jenna Hipp. Her nail and beauty products are as artistic and fun as they are enviromentally friendly. Get Hipp

Ryan Reichenfeld

Sean is a short film by Director Ryan Reichenfeld about a teen living in the spring break, meth town of Lake Havasu, Arizona. As a home-grown Havasuvian, Ryan presents an honest, gritty, inside look at life behind the party. Reichen zis way

Taryn Southern

Taryn TV Taryn Southern is a musical comedian, actress, television host, video blogger and star of Taryn TV. She's one of the early pioneers of digital media and is nicely on the inside of what's next. Tune in

Dave Muller

Muller Photography was named one of Backstage's 2015 8 killer Headshot Photographers in NY & LA. Dave is a good guy who does great work. Snap to it


Amanda Kramer

Bark is a short film by YM novelist turned Director Amanda Kramer. It stars Gina Piersanti and Lucia Santina Ribisi. The trailer feels like a nice introductory slice of interesting things to come. Krame on

Justin Fortune

Boxing Trainer Justin Fortune is the man behind the man behind the man. As the conditioning coach for boxers Manny Pacquiao, Chinese champion Zou Shiming, Russian title holder Denis Lebedev and more, Justin works with famed trainer Freddy Roach to ensure all their fighters are in peak condition on fight night. Don't let Justo's gruff exterior fool ya, there couldn't be a nicer guy. Your Fortune awaits

Chad Rea

Bionic Arm is a purpose-driven content studio that connects cultural influencers with meaningful brands through multiscreen engagement. It is the lastest of many brainchilds from Chad Rea – a long-time, cutting edge marketing communicator. Here, in one of Bionic Arm's videos, renown Designer Stefan Sagmeister discusses the BS of storytelling. Don't just watch > participate

Vana Zakarian

The Gerard Leôn family is six generations of jewelry making artistry. These days, Vana strives to combine that old world quality and modern techniques. She once eagerly accepted the challenge of engraving a Tasty Nuggets hex bolt. It now lives at the Hollywood Reservoir. Ring ring

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Carlos Sapene

Influence Over Coffee explores 'Influencers' and their impact on Marketing strategy. With java in hand, Carlos and his partner Dana Arnett discuss authenticity in today’s culture and how to find your passion. Get behind the out in front


Michael Griffiths

Referral Guru Michael Griffiths teaches individuals how to get more activity from the business and social worlds they already operate in. His Partnership Club referral network gathers every other month in L.A. Greet the Meet

Dawn Anderson

Fresh Online presence from Actress Dawn Anderson. Web site showcases her work and nicely illustrates the light-hearted blend of her Korean and Scandinavian descent, along with her dark and corny sense of humor. Meet the Dawn


Kenji Gallo

Breakshot After over two decades as a gangster, Kenji Gallo voluntarily made a deal with the F.B.I. to act as a wired, undercover informant against New York's Colombo and Lucchese Mafia Families in exchange for a fresh start. Given the codename "Breakshot," Gallo risked his life to send some of America's most dangerous criminals to jail – in the process participating in a botched hit, narrowly escaping an attempt on his own life and earning two contracts on his head. Now, he's in a much different place and seems ready to put it all behind him. Breakshut?

Julia Kim

invAsianLA is Hollywood Prep and Diversity Consulting. It was initially established to help Asians get started as Actors in Hollywood, but Julia's recent experiences now provide her an even wider POV on the ethnic and LGBT diversity issues facing the entertainment industry. Below is an excerpt from a recent article about the turning the talk of diversity into real action on-screen. The first step is prep



Extracurricular Press is the independent publishing arm of Designer Brian Scott (Boon). Here, he creates limited edition materials for the culturally curious. The "How To Write An Email" book is useful for anyone looking to improve their work communications. Thrive – Don't just survive


Peter Bahlawanian

Spice Station is a gourmet spice shop in Silverlake, CA. They offer hundreds of spices, herbs, chiles, salts and blends, as well as over 70 teas from around the world. On the weekends, Pete hosts events with celebrity chefs and mixologists for cooking demos, spice classes, bar tending and foodie inspired gatherings. Spice it up

Katie Danza

Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert Katie Danza is planning to launch a blog where she will share her talents, knowledge and on-set experiences. Should be super cool. Face it


Natalie Avital

The Three Hikers is a film about three Americans who went hiking in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan and were captured / held as political hostages by the Iranian Government for more than two years. For Natalie, a first time Documentarian, telling the story also proved to be quite an adventure. Take a hike

Jeremy Williamz

Heavyweight fighter Jeremy Williamz was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame, class of 2016. A few years ago, Jeremy chronicled the mental and physical preparation of his comeback championship fight. Congratulations big fella. Relive the Countdown


Amanda Plummer

The Honey Bunny scene in "Pulp Fiction" is a classic and just one of many notable career moments for Amanda. She's accomplished in movies, TV and on stage and even comes from flamboyant Hollywood pedigree. But if you're lucky enough to hang with her at a backyard BBQ, you'll quickly discover that what really gets Amanda excited are the fresh voices of first time Directors and unknown Writers. Stone Rolling

Jocelyn Kelvin

Yoga for Actors Jocelyn helps Actors gain a deeper access to themselves - both emotionally and physically. If this is your life's calling, you know how important it is to tap into what's going on inside. Feel, focus, listen, imagine, investigate, trust, relax, enjoy and connect. Posers not posers

Kylan Francis

Elevated Reviews measures the heart's beats per minute while watching a film. It's an innovative new metric being developed by Kylan Francis. It's not just exciting, it's a measurable scale of exciting. Get some elevation

Kwang Uh

Baroo is the bowl Buddhist monks eat their meals from for life. It's also the name of Uh's delicious, affordable, unassuming restaurant that serves fermented food with respect & love for nature and people. You're meant to ferment

Emily Balliet

Emily the Literary Queen love love loves her books and sharing her impassioned thoughts and feelings about them. Watch the read

Geoffrey Olson

Sun Shield is an innovative free sunscreen dispensing system. For Geoff and his pals, it's an opportunity to join the fight against skin cancer. Shield yourself

Chris Kelly

Topanga Creek Outpost is more of a bike retreat than it is just a store. Here, Chris Kelly has successfully combined a world of top-end equipement with a let's get outta here and go for a ride life-style. It's been years since Chris moved from the streets of Hollywood to the creek of Topanga, but the change certainly seems to agree with him. In 2015, The California Small Business Bureau named his operation California Small Businesses of the Year. Ride on man

David Stansfield

Islam vs ISIS quotes Koranic chapter and verse (In both Arabic and English) to show how ISIS 'punishments' are in direct contradiction to the Holy Book. It's an important, easy read, chock full of images and illustrations. David, the author, is a life-long scholar and was recently the Arabic Consultant on Netflix's "House of Cards."  What are they thinking


Clif Lord

Doobious Sources is the story of two weed loving video journalists targeted for revenge by the subject of a past exposé. If Prop 64 in California passes this November, Reg & Zorn's gravy train of free ganja could be seriously threaten. In this PSA, they figure if you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em. Get fired up

Rodney Bingenheimer

Rodney Bingenheimer is a legendary Disk Jockey from KROQ. The film Mayor of the Sunset Strip artfully showcases 'Rodney on the Rock' and how his influence helped numerous iconic bands become successful. Keep an eye out and you can still catch him cruisin' around Hollywood in his classic muscle car. Rock out

Mark Hunter

The Cobra Snake For over a decade, Mark has been the definitive photographer of global hipster culture. In the past year alone, he has traveled to over 75 cities in 15 countries shooting parties and events, constantly searching for the latest trends and hottest fashions. Parté

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Mo Clancy

Seed + Salt prepares gluten-free & vegetarian fare for breakfast & lunch in a quaint, modern San Francisco cafe setting. For Mo, it's a serial entrepreneur's take on cereal. Keep feeding yourself

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Robert Cait

Kosher comedian Robert Cait was recently invited to sit in the writer's room of The Howard Stern Show. The Chosen One was chailarious. Way to go baby! Kosher kills

Angelina Prendergast

Yamuna is body rolling and foot fitness therapy. Angelina Prendergast combines her life-long training as a ballerina with therapy balls and unique exercises to help stretch, massage and strengthen aching feet. Ideal for athletes. Roll bright

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