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It's All So Hollywood
Interesting things being done by interesting folks in and around Hollywood.

Dan Halperin

Producer Dan Halperin gets excited when he describes the beauty, empowerment and rockabilly flavor of the pinup scene. Bombshells and Dollies is his documentary in progress about modern day pinup girls and the culture that surrounds them. IndieGoGo go

Ryan Reichenfeld

Sean is a short film by Director Ryan Reichenfeld about a teen living in the spring break, meth town of Lake Havasu, Arizona. As a home-grown Havasuvian, Ryan presents an honest, gritty, inside look at life behind the party. Reichen zis way

Tim Ricker

Stageme is a fresh, new competition platform that connects all types of Performers (Dancers, Musicians, Rappers, Skateboarders, BMX’ers, Slackliners, etc.) with their global communities and allows them be discovered for their talents. For Tim, it’s the perfect combination of his two passions: creative technology and electronic music. The Stage is set

Amanda Kramer

Bark is a short film by YM novelist turned Director Amanda Kramer. It stars Gina Piersanti and Lucia Santina Ribisi. The trailer feels like a nice introductory slice of interesting things to come. Krame on

Matt Dilmore

A Director known for his quirky sense of humor, Matt has helmed award-winning ad campaigns, short films and memorable music videos. When he's not busy creating, Matt keeps himself busy creating. An internet radio program, book of rare film stills... Hit the Matt

Mariko Yamasaki

Open Pavilion is a fresh shopping experience located in SF's Mission District. Pieces are high quality, classic and unique. The store is curated with an amazing sense of style and Owner Mariko is warm, friendly and dedicated to making shopping as comfortable as trying on clothes at your best friend's house. Open now

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Robert Cait

Kosher comedian Robert Cait was recently invited to sit in the writer's room of The Howard Stern Show. The Chosen One was chailarious. Way to go baby! Kosher kills