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LA needed a good butt kickin’.


Was horrified to learn that every year, more than 4.7 trillion cigarette butts are littered across the globe. Befriended two earth scientists in Australia who invented these smart and cute  personal, portable ashtrays. They were made from flame resistant, fire retardant plastic and super simple to use - Juse drop a cigarette butt in the cheeky pocket-sized container and close the lid. There’s no smell, no mess and no reason to ever litter again.



Convinced them to have AUNTIE LITTER become She got after it.



After you puff daddy

Let’s take this outside

Watch your ash

A solution for your big butt

Take your butt out for a walk

Matches up well

Talk about butt ugly

Butt nothin’

Save your own butt first

Grind those butts at the club

Can’t drag it out any longer

Hot butts here

Time for a good butt kickin’

Learn to filter yourself

Nicotine fits

Tap out

It’s okay to butt in

Papparazzi love the butts out

Seriously - butt out

Get your butt out of the way

Done blowin' smoke



Littering ain’t Kool

Capture that American Spirit

Can it

So many hot butts in LA

No need to get fired up

Watch Pall Mall fall

Smoking buddies

No Bensons in the Hedges

Knock your butt out cold

Accepting of big tobacco

Nice smoking with you

The Marlboro Man can

A total buttinsky

Better than talking trash

Get your stinky butt in here

Parliamentary procedure

Inhale exhale - all hail

Ground attack

Out for a smoke

Take those butts out camping

Winston’s down and out



Pass out at company parties

Matchy match

When it’s time to drop Kent

Grab your coworkers butt

Swish those Sweets

Green piece

Make that burn go away

Light packer

Corporate ash holes

Have the hots for ‘em

Hollywood can be a drag

Gross holdings

You’re in with your Merits

Park your Camel

Seize the Chesterfields

May be habit forming

Love the tiny butts of Capri

Your latest crush

Drop in when you’re finished

Start putting out

Newport’s home for the hotties



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