VIRTUAL strolls thru REAL Hollywood

Look around - construction cranes dominate the skylines of most MAJOR CITIES, while new, well-funded chains occupy the high-rent store fronts. Towns once known for their UNIQUE FLAVOR are quickly being SANITIZED of their individuality.

HOLLYWOOD has been accused of following SIMILAR SCRIPT.

The once flat and sprawling landscape gets more vertical each day. Traffic is such a hassle, many rarely leave their neighborhood. The cost of living has skyrocketed and the DIFFERENCES between the haves and have nots is becoming MORE PRONOUNCED.

Where you once had to break into the business, now YOU ARE THE BUSINESS. Social Media has become a direct path to SUCCESS & FAME.

For Banjo, HOLLYWOOD is always THE STAR.

He believes success here comes from big IDEAS, a POSITIVE attitude and CREATIVE problem solving. He uses WALKABOUTS to showcase the INSTAGRAM hustles of his interactions, serve up an ASSIST to cohorts and champion THOSE LEFT BEHIND by the gentrification boom.

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In Hollywood - find your point of view

GOOD IN THE ‘WOOD is what’s going on In Hollywood - a series of Instagram-fueled ADVENTURES that strip the tinsel off the town. They are a bouillabaisse of text, pics, posters and vids - a link-a-rama for the click-ably curious. Everything orange is live. 

THE HOLLYWOOD SCENE meets @TheHollywoodScene #420Friendly.

Ride along with


Good in the ‘Wood - Introductory walkabout
“Head on a Swivel”
A look at what’s out there / look out for what’s out there


Good in the ‘Wood - Full length hoof
“Never Break Stride”
A dance between the raindrops


Enjoy -