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“To The Dogs”


Sexual performance is enhanced when a powerful new ingredient is discovered in back yards across LA.




SYNOPSIS It’s a dark time in Los Angeles. With hundreds of dogs missing and the race for mayor ending in only days - the head of LA's Gang Task Force ROBERT DESOTO is brought in to save his brother DAVID‘s crumbling political career. Teamed with Animal Cruelty’s GINA LEE the two tap into their Latino & Asian heritage to follow clues from East L.A. to Chinatown – until an exposed family skeleton takes the entire city by surprise.


ACCORDING TO SLAMDANCE “It’s difficult to come up with an original case for a cop story but this script does. There are some great twists, turns and reveals and the fact that dogs are involved really gives it an emotional level most cop stories don’t have. The action is good and the criminals are smart and formidable."


ACCORDING TO THE PAGE AWARDS "The script has a lot of moving parts, but everything clicks thanks to a rock solid structure."