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Hurts So Good

It had been well over a year since WALDO laced em up with the lads of his Wednesday night Gold hockey league. And there were certainly more than a few times after his horrifying accident that he thought the moment would never come. But as he prepared to take THAT FIRST STRIDE BACK on the ice, Waldo forgot all about the months of pain, rehab and feelings of doubt and just fell into the same pre-game routine he’d been repeating since he was eight years old.

LOVE OF THE GAME is an Inspirational Reality Series that follows badly injured amateur athletes on their road to recovery and return to the sports they love. Each episode follows AMATEUR ATHLETES from a variety of RECREATIONAL SPORTS as they recover from a DEVASTATING INJURY. Along the way, there are glimpses of physical pain, mental anguish, issues with work, home and relationships. There’s also the grueling torture of rehabilitation, little victories from gains made, motivation and INSPIRATION. In confessionals, ‘athletes’ share how they got into their sport, lifetime highlights and how being injured has changed everything.

Love of the Game showcases athletes of ALL GENDERS and ALL AGES – for sports at ALL LEVELS OF COMPETITION. In addition to focusing on individuals, Love of the Game could follow teams as they climb their way back into competition after a tragedy. Episodes will feature PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE VISITS for added encouragement. These pros could be from the athlete’s sport or someone who overcame a similar setback.

Love of the game also introduces viewers to THOSE WHO AID THE EFFORTS. Family, friends, personal trainers, chiropractors, specialty store owners – even the ticket and travel guy who hooked Waldo up for a Kings vs Wings game right when he needed a hockey pick-me-up most. EACH EPISODE’S MAGIC MOVEMENT happens when the show’s Subject(s) re-take the ice, field, alley, pool, etc.

Waldo’s team won 6-3 that night and he scored two goals – including one on the opening shift. It was a THRILLING MOMENT for Waldo, his team and the crowd of two that came out to witness the otherwise meaningless mid-summer game.

AS A REWARD for his return and performance, Waldo was given beer duty. Now, on top of his own heavy, stinky, soaking wet equipment, he was also in charge of filling the heavy, stinky, leaky team cooler with ice and beers for the next game. Damn, IT FELT GOOD TO BE BACK.

They don’t call it BEER LEAGUE for nuthin’