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The Tasty Cafe
A COVID-friendly way to start the day



Coronavirus protected Tasty Cafe van(s) will create a positive start to the day by providing provisions, a sense of personal dignity and professional confidence to Hollywoodites in need.

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In Hollywood - pop up help cafes could be pretty tasty.

Tasty Cafes
Inside each van are all the makings of a social distancing compliant pop up cafe and mobile help center.
• Coffee, juice and healthy things to eat
• Tables and chairs (Six feet apart)
• Sanitized phones, WiFi and computer stations
• Personal clean up area
• Zoom setup(s) to speak to job, social and housing professionals
• Dream Boards to help visualize goals
• Velvet ropes for that Hollywood VIP / confidence building touch

As cafe vans drive and set up around town, Sponsor’s names will be prominently displayed - making for a roaming daily billboard of positive community-ism, PR and social media opportunities. For all involved, it’ll be Tasty. Potential Sponsors could include local and national Brands from the product donating, shared work, coffee shop, job services, grocery and Social Service sectors.

By coming out to the cafes and lending their kindness, brain power and expertise, Hollywood-haves will be able to help Hollywood-have-nots get back on their feet. Doers doing.

Profiles / database
Tasty Cafe Visitors would also be able to create / upload a database profile that can be used to find employment, housing, lost loved ones, etc.

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In Hollywood - they love a comeback story


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