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Stories About Town Lace Em Up


Stud beach hockey player PRONGER and old-school roller-boogie queen TIARA spend weekends doin’ their thing on opposite sides of the parking lot. Her hot bod and poetic spins always attract a crowd. His behind-the-back spin-a-rama has made him a lot legend. One afternoon, Pronger shoots wide and the ball bounces into the roller boogie circle. TWAN, the troup’s leader trips over it and breaks his ankle – forcing him out of the upcoming competition. Everyone assumes his replacement will be CRIP, but Tiara secretly trains Pronger who feels guilty about hurting Twan. They fall in love. When Crip finds out, there’s rumor of trouble, so on the day of the competition Pronger’s hockey boys come out to protect him. The stage is further electrified when the rival skaters pull off a near perfect performance. With everything on the line, Tiara’s troupe follows up with an epic skate – highlighted by a roller-dance version of Pronger’s behind the back move. After the win, they donate the prize money to Crip’s youth center and they all skate happily ever after.