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Stories About Town Writeonman
Viewers want new challenges and never-yet-seen-before roadblocks.
It’s time to meet the writer.

SCRIBES – the idea guys – the very folks most injured by the concept of Reality TV and unscripted television. Writeonman follows what happens when typically behind-the-scenes folks step out front of the camera and attempt to script the unscripted for a chance at their own big break. IT’S A WRITE TO THE FINISH.

Participants represent a variety of writer types – each with a distinct set of professional talents and personal quirks. Players to include:
• Working Screenwriter 
• Screenwriter wannabe

• Columnist

• Business writer
• Lawyer/legal writer

• Graffiti artist 

• Children’s writer

• Poet
• Novelist 

• Spoken word performer 

• Blogger


• English professor 

• Stand-up comedian 

• Feminist Author


• Erotic writer 

• Celebrity scribe

Challenges will be judged by a panel of four. 

• Writer: Someone to credibly judge a writer’s writings. 

• Director: Someone with a body of work viewers will recognize. 

• Development Exec: The suit. Someone who can make things happen. 

• Audience: viewers will also be able to email and text in their votes. 

A Junior Agent/Secretary/Assistant–type who guides contestants through tasks, then congratulates & consoles them after judgment. Writeonman’s host is modeled after the gatekeeper from hell writers often run into when trying to meet an Agent, Publisher, etc. The off-putting and unpredictable nature of this character should help add tension and drama to the show. 


sample challenges – two per show
• Dialogue writing


• Cold calling Agents


• Table reads


• Listening to changes


• Story outlines 

• Character bibles


• Opening scenes 

• Recording and editing 

• Writing up someone else’s idea


• Log Lines and Posters 

• Documentaries 

• Collaboration


• Self-promotion


• Casting 

• Ideas for current TV show 

• Cliffhangers 

• Bedtime stories 

• Erotic writing 

• Funny/sad writing 

• Based on true events 

• Award-show banter 

• Writeonmen vs Writeonwomen
Winner of the show’s opening challenge gets EXEMPTION (Writeonman’s version of immunity) and can’t be eliminated if they perform poorly later in the episode.

In real-life, writers must be ready to pitch whenever and where ever the opportunity arises. Writeonman simulates this by having presentations in surprise locations like: 

• Agent’s office 

• Conference room 

• Studio lot


• Behind Hollywood sign 

• Elevator


• Restaurant 

• Execs house 

• Strip Club


• Golf course 


• Hotel lobby 

• Coffee shop 


• Another show’s set


Not knowing where next will help add even more stress and confusion to the preparation process. 

catch phrases 

TV’s judges will have one phrase for writers who do well and are moving on… “WRITEONMAN – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.” and a second phrase for those who are going home. “WE’RE SORRY, BUT IT’S TIME TO CLOSE UP YOUR LAPTOP AND FADE TO BLACK.”

the writeonman house
Writeonman’s writers would live and work in THE WRITEONMAN LOFT – a writer’s utopia, complete with a stocked work-room of computers, printers, reference materials, pens, pads, podiums, storyboard frames – everything Contestants need for developing their presentations.


corporate sponsors
Writeonman offers numerous SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Apple could supply the writer’s laptops. Macy’s, Bloomingdales, or another large retailer could provide Contestants pitch-wear & presentation duds. (Designers could also dress Judges.) Starbucks could be the coffee house setting. Dominos or Pizza Hut could provide late-night eats. Staples or Office Depot could provide the office equipment and sponsor the house and workroom. Internet providers could supply the house with high-speed Internet. Design Within Reach could furnish the house. Show could also highlight organizations dedicated to writers, like the Writer’s Guild and Carpal Tunnel Society. Sponsors could also include other network shows and current release movies.



Weekly critiques take place inside a stylized room at The Writer’s Guild – a sort of Vatican for writers. On this set, judges would be distinguished by their chair: Writer = Aeron chair, Director = Director’s chair and the Studio Exec = some sort of leather tufted power chair.


grand prize 

A shot. A GUARANTEED PILOT AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE IT SHOWN ON TELEVISION AND VOTED ON BY A REAL VIEWING AUDIENCE. The winner of Writeonman will have one episode of their creation developed – using all the resources of the show’s network and production companies. Once complete, it will receive extensive on-air and print promotion for it’s one-time airing. Afterwards, viewers will vote and a contract will either be presented – or torn up – during a live follow up show. Writeonman’s winner will also receive a LIFETIME WRITER’S GUILD MEMBERSHIP.  

new technologies

Writeonman will employ two never-been-done technologies to help capture the time writers prep for presentations. RIGHTONMANCAM: a super-tiny camera mounted or attached to each Contestant. (To date, cameras have always been on the contestant. This will provide each persons own POV.) WRITEONMANCAM computer mounted cams that capture Contestants sitting at their machines writing. (The “I’ve got it” looks, the tapping away, talking to themselves, the frustrations, nose pickings, 9etc.) should add another layer to all the other footage and create entertaining montages that allow viewers to literally be inside the heads of the Contestants.   

Stories About Town

accompanying web site 

WRITEONMAN.COM is an ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY WEB SITE where those who write hook up with those who read. The site provides quick-read, one-page, visual script presentations and direct author contact. FOR SCREENWRITERS, helps sets the stage for a good read. FOR INDUSTRY FOLKS, helps Agents, Managers, Studios and Production Companies decide if something’s worth the read.